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Where Does Our Hemp Come From?

You should only buy hemp products (CBD, CBG, CBN etc..) from a source which only use domestically grown hemp. Other countries do not have the same requirements as the US and may contain unwanted chemicals or lead etc… Our products come from hemp grown right here in the United States!

Is Our Hemp Organic?

Hemp is a plant which can be used to clean the toxins in the ground and may be contaminated if not grown properly using the right methods. For hemp to be considered organic, hemp needs to be grown without pesticides and chemicals. It is also grown with organic solutions and avoids harmful chemicals and materials


All CBD companies are required to test their products and list the COA (certificate of analysis) next to each of their products. A third-party testing lab is usually used to ensure testing is accurate. If a company does not or cannot supply a COA for each of their products, we recommend staying away from that company.


How many milligrams of CBD, CBG or CBN are you getting for your buck? When comparing products, you should look at the total milligrams per bottle. This way you can figure out the amount of CBD, CBG or CBN per serving.   For example: A 1oz (30ml) 1,500mg CBD tincture has 30 servings of 1 ml.   1,500 total mgs / 30ml = 50mg of CBD per serving.   Note: You should always contact your medical provider if you are not sure on how much to take daily.   Our MD on staff can help with any of your questions at:

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